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Our Team


Brennan Lindner

Equally comfortable in sports, advertising and marketing industries, Brennan is a co-founder and president of Generic Events.  Brennan creates unique events with integrated marketing plans that capture his passion for athletics, advertising, entertainment and special events. His creativity and originality have led to an award winning portfolio of events that span the globe and have entertained (and challenged) thousands of athletes.  Brennan’s biggest skill is that he gets things done like fast and furious!

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Michelle Lindner

Michelle co-founded Generic Events along with Brennan and is the Director of Marketing and Corporate Sponsorships. Being the co-owner of Generic Events, Michelle wears many hats but the most important thing she does is connect sponsors to people and non-profits with events.  Her next venture is launching a non-profit called Featstreet Inc. this summer so stay tuned…

Michelle was introduced to yoga in her teens and became an avid runner in her mid 20’s.  She has completed a dozen or so half marathons and triathlons.  Today, she continues her passion for running and yoga and is the co-producer of ROGA, a run+yoga program at the Santa Monica Pier.

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Daniel Weissauer-Condon

Daniel joined the team at Generic Events in 2012 as the Logistics Manager.  We don’t know how he does it but he NEVER complains.  He’s a very hard worker and will take on anything.  He loves an adventure and perhaps that’s why he’s an avid runner and triathlete.



Ryan Greene

Ryan Greene has been growing the West Side’s running community for almost a full decade. At Generic Events, Ryan manages grassroots marketing and social media.  He’s also the emcee at almost every event and that’s not a coincidence because he brings a level of enthusiasm and innovation unique to no other.

Ryan completed his first marathon at the 2004 Honolulu Marathon with the National Aids Marathon Training Program. Today he has completed over 15 marathons and has raised over $30,000 for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Detra Jones

Detra Jones is our volunteer coordinator mobilizing the troops to ensure an amazing experience for all the participants (and the volunteers)! Aside from being a longtime triathlete, she is an accomplished dancer.

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Michelle Woo

Michelle is another of our amazing volunteer coordinators.  She is the founder of SoCal Volunteers, an event/volunteer management company. She is the master of multi-tasking and organizing and mobilizing large groups of volunteers!